How I Brought My Skin Back to Life

For most of my life I never understood the importance of a good skincare routine. I was young and my biggest concern was whether I was going to wake up with a new round of pimples on my face. My mentality was if I kept my skin clean, it would be healthy. For years I struggled with combination skin (oily in the summer and dry in the winter) that was covered in random breakouts. I continued to attribute it to stress, hormones, weather, age, etc. thinking that as I got older, it would clear itself up. I had been using a three step “anti-aging” line from the time I was 22 and assumed that would take care of those pesky wrinkles everyone talks about. In my mind, I was on a good track.

Then I turned 25. Out of nowhere (at least in my mind) I began noticing more bags and lines around my eyes. My skin constantly looked dull and dry. I couldn’t control the winter peeling and summer oil. I poured on moisturizer, bought overpriced eye creams, sprayed my face constantly with rose water…. and still nothing helped.

One day my co-worker mentioned that I should change up my skincare line. As an esthetician, she recommended a higher quality skincare brand to me, saying that it would make a difference overnight. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least try it so I did. AND IT WORKED.

Suddenly my skin was soft and hydrated. I was totally obsessed. I went online began collecting all types of creams and cleansers, toners and serums. I noticed improvements every day and was able to stop wearing foundation. I couldn’t believe the difference!

The noticeable difference encouraged me to start digging deeper to find simple changes that would make the most impact. After almost a year of trial and error, I have finally found an easy routine that works best for my skin.*

1. Using a high-quality, natural skincare line.

The important thing to remember about “high-quality” is that it does not have to be the most expensive brand. Although I loved the brand that I was originally recommended, I found the price to be too high to keep purchasing. After looking into some different options, I found a local company called Ursa Major. Their natural products are reasonably priced, free of harsh chemicals and leave my skin feeling amazing. Their product line is straightforward and effective, alleviating the need for multiple step skin care. Below are the products that I personally LOVE:

  • The Fantastic Face Wash – I use this every morning when I wake up and every night before bed. I definitely recommend following their recommendation to leave on your skin for 30-60 seconds… it really does help exfoliate.
  • The Fortifying Balm – I use this as my “moisturizer” throughout the spring/summer months when my skin tends to be more oily and needs something lighter.
  • The Golden Hour Recovery Cream – this is my lifesaving moisturizer during the winter when my skin needs extra hydration. A little goes a long way so I use less than a dime-sized amount each time I wash my face.

*Plus a little something extra for my tired eyes: The Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum – just a little dab around my eyes every morning and night helps to calm the bags under my eyes as well as provides some added hydration to prevent deep lines.

*And when my skin needs a boost (about 2x a week): The 3-Minute Flash Mask – this super simple mask offers me extra exfoliation to help kick my skin back into gear anytime it looks or feels dull. I try to use it consistently because it also helps with my hormonal breakouts

2. Drinking at least half of my body weight in ounces of water every day.

This has definitely made the biggest difference in my skin. Keeping my body hydrated throughout the day has resulted in brighter, more healthy looking skin. Also, flushing more bacteria out of my body through fluids has made my skin less prone to breakouts.

3. Adding in a collagen supplement.

Although I can’t speak to the true benefits of this recommendation, I have personally found that adding collagen into my daily routine has made a difference in the overall complexity of my skin. For anyone that has ever considered trying botox, I would highly recommend taking collagen for at least 6 months first. It’s as simple as adding a scoop to your morning coffee (my preference).

COLLAGEN NOTE: similar to the facial cleansing lines, make sure you are using a high quality brand. They will end up being more effective and well worth the extra $$

*Please know that I do not consider myself an expert in ANY capacity. These quick tips are meant to be helpful guidelines to kick start your better skincare routine

Email your favorite skincare routines to – we would love to feature your tips & tricks with our readers!

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