6 Mantras For Motivation

I’m a procrastinator. I always tell myself it’s because I work better under pressure, but I think it’s just me refusing to admit that I’m unmotivated sometimes. Something that has helped me get things done and be more motivated is using mantras. I wrote previously about my experience with mantras relating to anxiety in my previous post: 6 Mantras I Use To Help Manage Anxiety. Just as I use mantras to relieve stress and anxiety, I also use them to stay motivated.

Sometimes, I feel like we focus on the negativity around us, but we’re surrounded by positive affirmations as well. Whether it’s Dory from Finding Nemo saying “just keep swimming” or Nikes slogan “just do it”, there are reminders out there to be positive and stay motivated.

The following 6 mantras are the ones I use the most for motivation. When I feel motivated I feel successful and productive. This increases my mood and positively impacts all aspects of my life.

I Am Capable

This is the mantra I use the most for motivation. I will typically make it specific to whatever I am trying to accomplish by saying, “I am capable of…” The most common activity I use this mantra for is working out, so it becomes, “I am capable of working out.” This puts things into perspective for me and reminds myself that there are people who cannot afford a gym membership, don’t have any free time to work out, or have some sort of disability or injury that keeps them from working out. I think about how there are people that would love the opportunity to work out, so I need to take advantage of mind and stop making excuses. It makes me go from feeling unmotivated to grateful that I even have the opportunity to work out. Other examples of uses of this mantra are, “I am capable of so much more”, “I am capable of anything”, “I am capable of going to work”, or “I am capable of waking up early.

I Am Strong

Sometimes I have to remind myself how strong I am. This is referring to both mental and physical strength. The physical strength part gets me up mountains, literally. When I am hiking and feeling like I cannot go on, telling myself “I am strong” gives me that extra push to keep walking. In terms of mental strength, “I am strong” helps when doubts come into my mind. Replacing those doubts with “I am strong” gets rid of the negativity giving me the motivation I need. Sometimes I change this mantra and say “I am a strong and powerful woman” which helps bring out even more strength.

I Am More Than Enough

When I recite this mantra I am not just saying that I am enough, but that I am more than enough. Self-doubt and negativity can come to my mind easily. Whether this is in the form of “I am not smart enough” or “I do not have enough”, shifting that negative talk to a positive, motivating affirmation increases my motivation. This is also a really impactful mantra when I make a mistake. Telling myself “I am more than enough” reminds me that I am not my mistake, but I can learn from it.

I’ve Got This

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that you’ve got this, whatever “this” is. Repeating this mantra helps boost my confidence and decreases my worries and stress. I’ve used this mantra for anything from a job interview, presentations, completing a workout, or just waking up early and getting out of bed. It’s simple but so impactful.

Do It Now

This mantra helps me whenever I am procrastinating. These three simple words kick my butt into gear and make me get things done. A very specific way this helps me with something I am notorious for procrastinating, is putting my clothes away. This sounds so silly, but this is the sole reason I cannot keep my room clean. When my room is not clean I don’t feel as motivated, so it impacts my productivity with everything. When I tell myself to “do it now,” I think about how much better off I’ll be if I pick my clothes up now. Other versions of this mantra could be “just do it” or “just f******” do it, depending on how stern you want to get with yourself. Sometimes that sternness is the extra push I need.

Almost There. I’ve Already Come So Far

I typically use this mantra while I am at work and while I am working out (especially when running). I have days at work where the hours seem to drag on. Repeating this mantra to myself gives me the motivation I need to make it through the work day and to keep giving it my all. When I am working out or on a run this mantra helps me to keep going when I want to stop. It also helps me to focus on a certain phrase so I forget about how tired I am. This mantra can be used when your setting goals too. It makes you reflect on the progress you’ve already made, so why give up or slow down now.

When people say mind over matter, they’re really on to something. You really can change your attitude when you change your mindset. And like anything, it takes practice. Sometimes I’ll focus on a mantra for a few minutes and then it’s forgotten and I’m back in my negative thoughts. I need constant reminders. I’ve found that in addition to writing my mantras down, setting an alarm in my phone or a calendar reminder to focus on my mantra is helpful. The more I practice reciting mantras, the more benefits I notice. One of my favorite parts about reciting mantras is that you can do it in your head so you can essentially practice them anywhere. My mantras are constantly changing and I’m using them on more and more aspects of my life.



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