My Yoga Vision Board

I’ve mentioned before that I will be completing a Yoga Teacher Training course in May. This has been a dream of mine for a while, but due to finances and work, it hasn’t been possible. I am very grateful that I am now getting the opportunity for something I thought was still such a distant dream.

I registered for the course in November, so 6 months prior to the training. At that point, I had not been going to yoga classes, like at all. I had been practicing yoga on and off for a couple of years and did my own stretching at home, but at that time I was not being very consistent. Even though I wasn’t in my peak yoga performance I knew the opportunity of completing a Yoga Teacher Training Course might be hard to come by again, so I felt like I had to take advantage of it.

My number one fear going into this certification is that I’m not good enough at yoga. I worry I’m not strong enough or flexible enough. I worry that my lack of ability to do a full split or handstand will negatively impact my training. I know all of that self-doubt is nonsense and it doesn’t matter if I can do a full split or handstand. I know that’s not the point of yoga, and this training will be about so much more. Even though I know this, I have been letting these doubts get into my head. I barely did yoga during November or December.

I kept telling myself I would start the next month, and then the next month would come and I was still not practicing yoga. January comes and I’m four months away from training so I tell myself I HAVE to start.

I found a yoga studio I loved and started going all the time. I was getting stronger, more flexible and was practicing more advanced poses. After January I had confidence in my abilities to practice yoga at a higher level. Here we are in April, a month away, and my confidence is lacking again.

I am still going to yoga, but not as frequently. I’m getting into my head again. Early this month a Yoga Journal magazine showed up in the mail. I completely forgot I had subscribed to it through a Groupon deal months ago. That’s when I had the idea that I was going to make a vision board for yoga. I am a visual person and knew I could benefit from seeing a vision board every day. Not only does looking at it help me associate myself positively with yoga, but it also reminds me to practice. Even if I’m unable to attend a yoga class that day I always have time to practice at home, and the vision board is a constant reminder for this.

When I first started gathering images for the Vision Board I wanted to have them all be advanced yoga poses so I could envision myself doing them. I included poses that are goals of mine to be able to complete. As the project progressed though, it turned more into focusing on positive words and phrases. These words are the perfect reminder for me that yoga isn’t all about how many advanced poses you can do, but so much more.

One of my favorite phrases on the vision board is “a new chapter”. I love the idea of thinking about this teacher training not just as a new chapter of my yoga journey, but my life in general. I’m excited to see what new career opportunities this training brings me.

This vision board has been a game changer. My next project is to create a smaller version to take with me to my training to help with any stressful or tiring days, or when I’m not feeling so great about myself. Just having that daily visual reminder of images, words and phrases will help me stay positive and confident. A vision board is really just a visual representation of multiple mantras, which I’ve talked about previously in the posts 6 Mantras For Motivation and 6 Mantras I Use To Help Manage Anxiety. I love arts and crafts, so turning those previous lists into vision/mantra boards might be happening soon!

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