The Journey Is The Destination

Do you ever get so overwhelmed on your days off or during free time because you have too many things you want to do or accomplish? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately, and this almost always distracts me to the point that I lose motivation or productivity. This is a good problem to have, I suppose, since everything I want to accomplish is fun. But deciding whether to practice yoga, create a yoga flow, work on a macrame piece, work in the garden, go to the gym, or try a new recipe is an overwhelming feeling.

I have this same issue when I read books. There are typically so many books I would like to read that I end up starting them all at the same time. I let my desire to finish the book quickly take me out of the present moment when reading the book. I have found that when I focus on reading one book at a time, and not rushing through it I get more out of the book.

Having goals to work towards is always a good thing, but don’t be so focused on the goal that you miss the present moment. This impacts both my hobbies as well as my career goals. I am so excited about all the new possibilities for teaching yoga and expanding that as a career, but I have seen myself letting these goals takeover and the excitement quickly turns to anxiety.

For my own personal yoga practice, there are many advanced yoga postures that I have as goals. I would love to be able to hold a handstand and do a full split. I get overwhelmed thinking about how much I have to work on both my strength and flexibility before I can achieve these poses. While I am adding exercises into my yoga and gym routines that will help me reach these goals, I am not letting myself obsess over them so much that it takes away my enjoyment of yoga right now.

I keep reminding myself that the journey is the destination. I relate this literally to hiking a mountain. The destination for me is always the reward of the amazing view once you reach the peak. I am so focused on this during the journey of the hike that I don’t enjoy the actual act of hiking up or down the mountain as much. I spend more time during the journey of the hike than reaching the peak, so why wouldn’t I want to enjoy that as much as possible and savor every moment.

My “destination” in life has changed countless times. This is even more reason for me to enjoy the journey of getting to the destination because the destination might change before I even complete that journey. The journey is where you learn and grow, even though it may not always be pleasant. Going forward instead of directing my attention to my destinations or goals I am going to be focusing more on the journey of getting there. I am going to savor the journey and not let my excitement turn into anxiety.



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