7 Mantras For Positivity

I have written previously about how the act of repeating mantras to myself has helped with my anxiety (6 Mantras I Use To Help Manage Anxiety) and increased my motivation (6 Mantras For Motivation). Below is a list of 7 phrases that when I repeat them to myself, increase my positivity.  The below phrases may already be ones that you believe about yourself or your life, but it can really help to repeat these to ourselves for a reminder.


Good Vibes Only

When I tell myself “good vibes only” I am encouraging/reminding myself to only take or focus on the good vibes around me, and not to focus on the negative vibes. This is especially beneficial if I feel the urge to complain about something.

I Love My Life

To me, this mantra is perfect whether things are going well or poorly in your life. When things are going well, it can help you be even more grateful for them and take notice of even more positivity in your life. When things aren’t going too great, repeating “I love my life” to yourself can help shift your focus from negativity to positivity so you see all that you love about your life.

I Believe In Myself

I’ve talked before about how I struggle with self-confidence, and how this impacts my happiness. This is why this is such an important mantra in my life. When I repeat “I believe in myself” I am reminding myself how much I have to offer. This mantra can be applied to any part of your life, regardless of what you are going through. The more I believe in myself the more happy, positive and self-confident I become. Sometimes it’s nice to give yourself a little reminder.

I Embrace The Glorious Mess That I Am

The actual quote of this saying is, “Embrace the glorious mess that you are” by Elizabeth Gilbert. When I repeat mantras, I prefer saying “I” instead of “you”, but repeat whatever works best for you. I especially love this mantra because it’s a reminder that life is messy and not perfect, and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the messier parts of our lives or ourselves and see them as negatives.

I Am Grateful

When I feel more grateful, I feel happier and more positive. Noticing all that you are grateful for, first of all, makes you realize how much you truly have to be grateful for. And second, it takes up space in your mind so you can’t think about negative things as much. I wrote about how I keep a Gratitude Journal (My Gratitude Journal), but I don’t always take the time to sit down and do that. There is always time to repeat “I am grateful” to myself as a quick reminder to not forget about all I have to be grateful for.

I Have A Purpose

I sometimes get stressed when I think about my greater purpose in life. This can make what I am currently doing with my life not seem as productive or important. Repeating “I have a purpose” to myself reminds me that I do indeed have a purpose and helps me not to lose sight of it.

I Attract Positivity Into My Life

I find myself to be a happier, more positive person when I surround myself with happy, positive people. I also believe that your vibes attract your tribe. If you tell yourself, “I attract positivity into my life” you are going to start believing that, in return bringing more positivity into your life.


I truly believe that we are what we think. Think positively and you will notice how much more positivity and happiness is in your life.



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