Getting Out Of A Funk

Do you ever have days where you just feel like you’re in a funk? I’ve had a couple of those lately, and I’m blaming this excessive heat we’re having. I have noticed that I don’t do well when I’m overheating – it literally melts away my motivation. This funk makes me less motivated, more prone to stress and anxiety, and keeps me from doing things that I love. It’s made me focus on what I can do to get out of a funk, which makes me more mindful about it in the future. Below is a simple list of four things that help me in this not-so-fun mood.

Listening To Music Or A Podcast

I have found this especially helpful when I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, or when I don’t feel like going to the gym. There are so many mornings that I tell myself I am going to wake up early and practice yoga, but next thing I know, I’ve run out of time and I’m rushing off to work. I felt that way this morning, but instead of giving in to my unmotivated/lazy thoughts I started listening to one of my yoga playlists and next thing I knew I was rolling out my mat, excited to practice. After my practice, I felt energized, uplifted and motivated. I then proceeded to clean my room and write this post. All before work. Just from playing that one song, I shifted my mood and set myself up to start my day off well. I usually have a go-to song that instantly gives me energy, so when my funk is keeping me from going to the gym I play it and it really does help me condition myself to get out of my funk and into the working out mindset.

Scheduling Your Time

Scheduling my time helps me take into account how much free time I have. When I notice I have less free time than I thought, I want to take advantage of it and not waste it. If I notice that I have more free time than I thought, scheduling my time helps me make the most use out of it. This allows me to schedule in time to relax and do nothing if I want, but it keeps me on track so I don’t waste my entire afternoon. In addition, the act of writing out my schedule helps me to feel like I am being productive which can help lift my mood as well. Be careful not to take this too far, though. You don’t want scheduling your time to become a way to procrastinating from everything else.

Going For A Walk

Being outside and moving your body are two great ways to shift your mood and help you get out of a funk. That’s why I love going for a walk when I’m feeling this way. Even if it’s a short walk, it can help tremendously. It helps me, even more, to listen to music or one of my favorite podcast while I’m walking. There are also great resources for walking meditations that I find useful to listen to while I walk. The app, Simple Habit, has some good options. They have options for walking in the city, or walking to work, and you can find ones for 5, 10, or 20 minutes depending on how long you want to walk for.


Nothing frustrates me more than when my house is messy and unorganized (which is unfortunately, a common problem). One thing I know about myself is that I am happier and more motivated when my house is clean. That’s why when I am feeling like I am in a funk, simply cleaning and decluttering can help me right out of that funk. I have to be careful with this one, though, or I will spend far too much time with the details that don’t actually matter. My books being arranged from tallest to shortest on my bookshelf is not going to be the reason for me to snap out of my funk, so I have to remind myself to focus on the big picture.

I know what helps me be in a better, more productive mood, but sometimes I don’t listen to my own advice. That’s where the items on this list come in handy. They don’t take much time and I can essentially do them anywhere. Sometimes it only takes one thing to completely change your mood.

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