About Us

We are two late twenty-somethings on a path of wellness, hoping to share what works for us (and doesn’t) along the way. Our Wellness Journal is just that, an online journal to keep track of our wellness journey and how we are working through our anxiety. We met in 2014 when we were both working in corporate advertising at the same company. Our love of yoga and wellness is what bonded us (and our mutual dislike for what our current job was). We have both been in and out of the corporate world over the years, but have stayed true to our desire to live a healthy life and share what we learn with others. We hope you join us on our wellness journey and we would love to hear from you with what you’ve learned. Contact us or use the hashtag #whywellness on social media to share your personal wellness journey!

About Alyssa


Alyssa’s wellness journey first began after graduating from college in 2013. Having suffered from anxiety and depression on and off from a young age, she wanted to find a way to live a more balanced life without medication. With the help of her boyfriend AJ, she began eating cleaner and prioritizing fitness for the first time. And after her father suffered a heart attack in 2016, she spent a year focusing on her emotional wellness and learning how to balance her anxieties naturally while also maintaining a full-time job. Knowing the incredible importance of finding a work/life balance, she is passionate about sharing her story and tips for staying well in a busy, corporate world.


About Emily

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Emily’s wellness journey began 6 years ago after the loss of her father to a sudden heart attack. This opened Emily’s eyes to how important taking care of our bodies is, and the consequences of not doing so. After months of anxiety and panic attacks, Emily wanted a natural way to feel better. Emily became a vegetarian, started yoga and meditation and became obsessed with learning all she could about holistic health and nutrition. Emily wants to share her journey and what she’s learned along the way in hopes of helping others feel their best and not burdened with anxiety. She will complete her Yoga Teacher Training in May.